One Room Challenge: Powder Room / Mudroom Renovation (Week 1)

Hey there, friends!  We’ve been gearing up to participate in the One Room Challenge, for a while now.  To tell the truth, I almost always have an idea of what space is going to be next for these challenges, because starting as the last challenge ends gives me some time to really pull a design together for the next.  For those of you just finding me via the challenge website, welcome!  I’m Iris!  Currently I’m a full time homemaker, with aspirations of becoming part of the design world once my little one starts school.  I’ve been blogging for the last three years, because I love to design and makeover spaces in my home, and I love sharing that with others that appreciate the work that goes into it.  I’ve participated in quiet a few One Room Challenges, and I’m pretty sure I’ll continue until one day I don’t have a space to make over.  It’s such a fun process to be a part of!

One Room Challenge Guest Participant

A little bit of background on the One Room Challenge, in case it’s new to you.  It was started by Linda, of Calling it Home, and took off to be a huge success in the design/blogging community.  As of last year, the One Room Challenge has taken on a huge media partner; House Beautiful.  Twenty design bloggers are featured on the Calling it Home website for six weeks during the challenge, and they are extremely talented so you wont want to miss them.  In addition to the twenty, tons of design bloggers link up as “guest participants”, which is how I participate.  It’s seriously exciting to see all of the talent that pools together here!

Here are two of my most recent makeovers for the challenge.

A Bohemian Boutique Style Walk-in Closet Makeover by

Walk-in Closet Makeover

Men's Lounge, Rustic Mid-Century Modern Decor, Iris One Room Challenge

Men’s Lounge (Man Cave)

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So let’s get to the new makeover space, shall we?  I told y’all a while back that I had plans to make over our downstairs powder room, and that’s been in the works as far as gathering supplies, and playing around with ideas for the styling of the space.  I think I have it down, but I have a few ideas that I’m still playing around with, that I think will make the space really stand out.  I also happened upon a really awesome idea while browsing Pinterest one day, which is going to make the space multi-functional.  I saw an image of a bathroom with a mudroom built-in included in the space.  Now our powder room isn’t all that big, but since the design of our home allows for the space to be built as either a powder room or a full bath, and since we chose the powder room option we were left with extra space outside of the powder room where the builder created an entrance to the space.  Here’s a look for you to get a better idea, and please excuse the mess.  We’ve been holding things here, like the vanity for the powder room, for a while due to lack of space, and well, general laziness on our parts to put some of the stuff away.


What I’m hoping to do is demo that useless niche area all the way up and down the wall to create room for the built-in mudroom space. Here’s a couple of ideas that I’m using as inspiration.


Megan Bachmann Interiors

Brooke Wagner Design

Brooke Wagner Design

Perfection, huh?  I think the upper cabinets are a definite yes, and I will be paneling across the back of the wall, so our space will resemble the second photo more. What I’m still questioning is the color of the seat, whether or not I want to stain it or paint it, and then the lower area is still in question.  Drawers would be pretty, but I think the cubbies add a bit more character to the space, since you can use any sort of material for the baskets.  I’ll be painting the built-in the same color as my kitchen cabinets, which I don’t have the name of on hand at the moment, and I’ll paint the walls around it Benjamin Moore White Dove like other areas of my house.  I’m thinking it would be really nice to change out the lighting in that space as well.  Maybe we could get it wired to accommodate sconces?  I just thought of that, and I’m pretty excited about the idea!  We will see!

Let’s have a look at the powder room now.  Here’s how it looks after the last mini-makeover I gave it.  It’s cute, but the design of my house is going in a different direction and it no longer fits my vision.  Plus, I wanted a bigger vanity, and now that we have one, we figured why not make over the entire space.


Here’s my mood board for the powder room area. Powder Room Renovation

As you can see, pretty much everything is changing from the current design.  Some elements not pictured are the planked walls that will wrap around the lower section of the room, the paneled ceiling, and maybe wall paper, if I can convince John that I won’t tire of it in months, and that the ones I really like aren’t too girly.  Haha!  So far I’m not winning that battle.  Case in point, here are a couple that I’m fawning over at the moment.




I normally stray from using a lot of pattern in my home, but I loved using the removable retro palm print wallpaper from Walls Need Love in my New Year, New Room Makeover, and since this is such a small space, using more paper in here wouldn’t be so bad.

So here’s what the design board with the wallpapers included looks like.

Powder Room Design With Wallpaper Iris Nacole

I really like it, but two things are holding me back.  One being that I truly can be indecisive about things pertaining to my own home, and two is cost.  I doubt the amount of paper that I’ll need for this space will be a lot, but once you add in installation to the mix I’m thinking I’d be adding a pretty penny to the total cost of the renovation.  Since we are hoping to hire out most of the work to ensure a great outcome we don’t have much money left to play around with.

So that has me thinking that maybe I’ll go with different style all together and seek out some really great textiles for the space instead to give it that California vibe that has been catching my eye recently.

With Patterend Textiles Powder Room Makeover Iris Nacole

At the moment, I’m leaning towards the second look.  Mostly because I feel like it would fit in with the overall look of my home.  Speaking of, gosh, I can’t wait to share more of how the house is turning out!  I think I’ve finally figured out a way to really combine all the styles of decor that I’m drawn to, and with most of the renovations being completed this year, it’s turning into a dream home for sure.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’d love to hear what you think about the design options I shared above, and I hope y’all will come back next week to see if we’ve made any progress.  I sure hope we have!

Until then!



  1. says

    So far, this is one of my favorite one room challenges. The added mudroom is something that I have not yet seen so, naturally, I am enthralled on the idea of it and can not wait to see how it comes out. I also adore the succulent wall art; perfect for a bathroom.

    • says

      Thank you so much Charlotte! I really couldn’t stand the wasted space, and when I saw that people were mixing mudrooms and bathrooms I knew I needed to do it. Especially since this area has a door to divide them. 🙂

  2. says

    The wallpapers are amazing! But, the rugs are beautiful, too! I know I’d end up going with the rugs — it’s safer 🙂 But I’d always wonder if I should have done the wallpaper!

    • says

      Haha, I’m the exact same way! I really love the wallpaper, but for now the budget is calling for a more budget friendly option and I don’t want to compromise. Maybe one day I’ll end up adding it though! 🙂

  3. says

    You always seem to amaze me! I think I told you this before but you are my favorite all neutral blogger. I like the wallpaper with yellow and rug number 2. ….but no matter what you do it will turn out fab!!!! You are beyond talented!

    • says

      You have no idea how much I appreciate you sharing that with me Jess. It has give me such a confidence boost, especially coming from you, someone who loves interiors with a passion, and has amazing personal style to boot! 🙂

  4. says

    Combining the powder and mud room–what a great idea! I really like the wallpaper too, by you can come back and add that later, right?

    • says

      I’m glad you like the idea! I most certainly can, and until you pointed that out, I didn’t even realize it. Funny how getting deep into a certain idea can make you blind to future possibilities, huh? LOL!

  5. says

    I hear you about being indecisive about decisions in your own home! I struggle with that one too! I love your vision through – and I think it will look great either with or without the wallpaper – so it’s really a win either way. Can’t wait to see it come together!

    • says

      Thank you, Cristy! I could design this space in a day for someone else, but for myself, heck, I’m still making decisions! Haha!

  6. says

    Your last 2 makeovers are awesome!! Can’t wait to see how this one turns out. I love the ideas you have. I am participating for the 1st time so I love seeing all the veteran ORC participants plan out their spaces! Can’t wait to follow along.

    • says

      Oh wow, thank you so much, Holly! I appreciate the support! If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know and I’ll do my best. 🙂 Good luck with your makeover!

  7. says

    I really like the wallpapers as well, but I completely understand that the costs might be high (especially if you change your mind down the road). You could totally get a small piece and put it in a big frame! (or 2 or 3?!). Looking forward to the progress 🙂

    • says

      Thank you, Nicole! From your comment came the idea to change the artwork to reflect the mood of the wallpaper, since I’m going to have to go with the rugs right now. I really appreciate your help!

  8. says

    I LOVE your plans. I loved both of the other spaces you did. Like LOVED them. So I have no doubt that I’m going to drool over this one too! CAn’t wait to see how you use that wallpaper!

    • says

      Oh, thank you so much Lindi! You know how much I love your designs as well! I can’t wait to see your bedroom take shape!

    • says

      Awe, thank you Kendra! I can’t believe I’ve had that thing hanging around my house for an entire year, uninstalled! Haha!

    • says

      Thank you Sarah! Oh, how I wish I only had one project going on right now! I would hands down choose the paper, but the budget wont allow for it. Maybe sometime in the future though! Excited to see your bathrooms come along!

  9. says

    I can not wait to see how your space turns out. I love your inspiration spaces and that fun wallpaper! It’s going to be beautiful, friend!

  10. says

    Oh my! Those wallpapers are amazing! All of the choices are so fun! I can’t wait to see which choice you make!

    • says

      Thank you Emy! I’m so glad I ran across those wallpapers! Everyone seems to love them, so at the very least I have give inspiration to others by sharing them. 🙂 I hope you like what I chose!

  11. says

    That wallpaper is so awesome! I normally shy away, but I think I could be talked into them, too! I am also giving our powder room a makeover. Looking forward to seeing that wallpaper over the next month! 🙂

    • says

      Thank you Brittany! I wish I could have worked the wallpaper into the budget right now, but I’m saving them for a future makeover! 🙂 Good luck with your space! I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful!

  12. says

    Iris, I love where you’re going with this bathroom! I love all of your work so I know this won’t disappoint!! Looking forward to following along!

  13. says

    LOVE your inspiration photos and your design plan! Those wallpapers are so fun and will be perfect in the space. Can’t wait to follow along!

    • says

      Thank you, Tee! I needed that confidence boost, since I had to cut out the wallpaper idea for now. 🙂 I’m excited to follow along with your patio makeover too!

    • says

      If I had more money I sure would have! It’s my favorite of the bunch! My husband also thought it was too girly, so that played a big role in my decision too. Darn it! Haha!

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