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There’s not much more that I enjoy than watching a good movie at the theater, but long gone are the weekends for John and I when we would go out for dinner and a movie to see the newest releases.  It was actually something we had done since we first started dating, way back when we were in high school.  That is until we had our son.  It isn’t as easy for us to get out as often anymore, but when you watch that many movies over the years it’s not easy to completely cut out the activity.  We still make time to go every once in a while, but now we find ourselves enjoying a dinner and a movie at home instead.  Since we do it so often we’ve developed sort-of a routine for ourselves, so when Wayfair asked us Homemakers to share how we entertain ourselves with a dinner and a movie at home, of course I hopped on the opportunity!  Here of some of my must-haves to make it even more enjoyable than going out!

  • A yummy dinner of course!  Bring home takeout or cook up something delicious, just be sure to make it special.
  • A movie!  We like to rent from Redbox, or stream from Netflix most of the time.  It’s cheap and easy!
  • Snacks!  Popcorn, candy, drinks, cookies, whatever you love to eat while at the actual movie theater, or even better, those things you wish you could eat at the movie theater!  To recreate the experience of a real movie theater experience grab some cute popcorn bags or bowls, and fill up a large tumbler with a drink.  Bonus:  The lids will help escape those messy spills that are bound to happen around the house, especially when you have a jumping bean of a kid running around during the movie.
  • Comfortable Seating!  We love watching movies curled up on the couch.  If we feel like we need more leg room, then we grab a pouf  to rest them on.  If you’re having people over think about adding some comfortable chairs into the mix.
  • Cushy pillows and a blanket!  I love that cozy feeling of curling up with a nice blanket and leaning back onto a nice and cushy pillow.  It’ the best, and I don’t think I could watch a movie at home any other way.

So there you have it!  Just a few ways to help you enjoy your dinner and movie at home experience as much as we do.  I’ve also created a gallery of some of my favorite Wayfair.com items for you to choose from to experience it all for yourself.  Enjoy friends!



Dinner and A Movie at Home by IrisNacole.com Sponsored by Wayfair.com


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