Casual Dining: A Summer to Fall Tablescape with Cost Plus World Market

This post is sponsored by Cost Plus World Market.  All opinions are my own.  For more information feel free to visit my disclosure page.  

I’m so excited to partner up with Cost Plus World Market to share with y’all how I’m transitioning from summer to fall in my dining room decorating my tabletop using their gorgeous collection of dining products!  The new collection includes a variety of organically designed pieces that transition well from season to season, and easily pair up with your existing dining pieces to create a fresh new look on your table.

A fall to summer tablescape by IrisNacole for Cost Plus World Market

A fall to summer bohemian tablescape by IrisNacole for Cost Plus World Market

Faux Fur Pillow as Part of a Tablescape

Marble and wood Cake Stand Cost Plus World Market

Bohemian Votive from Cost Plus World Market

Boho tablescape with Cost Plus World Market and IrisNacole

Marble Cheese Board from Cost Plus World Market

Silver Platter as centerpiece Cost Plus World Market

Charcoal Tableware Bohemian Table Setting

Silver Patterned Cake Server

Glass Terrarium used told hold pasteries

Feather Printed Napkins as base for place setting

Coffee Cup and Saucer with small serving gold serving spoon

Charcole Tea Set with sugar and cream server

Clay Pottery as candle votive

Summer to Fall Bohemian Tablescape with Cost Plus World Market

Consider the following to achieve the look for yourself!

Color:  What is the overall look you are going for?  Here I chose to work with muted tones such as plum, charcoal, and varying shades of white for a more subdued fall color pallet.
Add a splash of vibrant color that will allow the look to easily sway from summer to fall.  Think napkins, floral arrangements, or even food items that will be displayed on the table!  Cost Plus World Market is making it even easier to choose a color pallet with their Home Decor Color Trends page found on their website.

Pattern:  Consider mixing and matching your setting pieces to add varying patterns to the table.  Use this great tool from Cost Plus World Market to help you plan out your next setting.  Also think about using larger patterns against smaller patterns in items such as napkins, tablecloths, table runners, and your dinnerware choices for visual interest that will draw the eye to featured pieces.

Texture: I feel like texture sets the mood in most cases, and in this case it certainly plays a huge role in how you interpret the overall look of this tablescape. The juxtaposition of  the cotton napkins against a heavier woven macrame runner is perfect for a summer to fall look.  Mix that with other natural elements such as the marble cutting board and cake stand, wooden utensils, and metallic hammered serving utensils and you have an overall organic feel to the space, which again easily transitions from summer to fall.  I even added faux fur pillows to my chairs to add a cozy feeling to space.

Height:  Varying heights of items keep the space from looking flat and one note.  Use floral arrangements to add height to your table, as well as a mixture of decor and serving pieces in varying sizes to achieve this.

Multiple Uses:  Have a look at the pieces you are using.  Could you come up with an alternative use for them on your tablescape?  Here I used a glass terrarium as a cookie holder, a cutting board as a serving platter, and two mini stone vases as candle holders.  Disclaimer: Recreate this candle look at your own discretion, and always think safety first before lighting a candle in your home.  I chose to not light my candles, and would suggest looking for options such as battery operated candles in lieu of real candles to avoid the dangers of fire.

I hope these tips help you if you are considering a transitional look right now.  I thought I’d go a bit further and share a quick slideshow of how I put together my centerpiece for the table.  I hope you enjoy it!

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Cost Plus World Market Spruce Up Your Space Sweepstakes


Also, for some great styling advice right this moment be sure to click over to Stephanie Sisco’s “Easy DIY Centerpiece” video!

And of course, if you loved all of the pieces you saw above, and how couldn’t you, be sure to shop this post here! (Affiliate links used.)

End of Summer Sales=Your New Fall Decor

Yep, that’s right! Shopping the end of summer sales can bring you a whole new set of decor for fall, and even winter! This is the time most companies are purging their summer, and past season items to make room for new inventory, so why not take advantage of it all!

This post contains affiliate links.  If you were to make a purchase based on my link/suggestion, will receive compensation.  All opinions are my own, and as always, I share only my most favorite things with y’all.  Thank you for supporting! 

I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite decor pieces, like this rug from Target, from my recent online searches to give you the perfect fall refresh. I hope you like them!


Summer Sales=Fall Decor

Donut Hack: From Plain Jane to Party Ready

Fancy Donut Hack Using Store Bought Glaze Donuts

Friends, today you are in for a treat!  My friend Cat, of the blog Pocket of Posies will be celebrating her birthday soon, and she challenged some of her friends to come up with a few different adult appropriate birthday party ideas.  Seven of us, including Cat, have accepted the challenge and I really think you are going to love what everyone has come up with!  I was originally drawn to the idea of party balloons with floral accents, and blah blah blah, since I didn’t make it happen.  Instead I came up with something that I think is even better!  A glazed donut hack that is sure to fool your guests, and leave you with a big smile of your face.

Fancy Donut Hack Using Store Bought Glaze Donuts

All you need to do is pick up some delicious glazed donuts from the grocery store, and some beautiful sprinkles to adorn them with!  I found a six pack of sprinkles at Hobby Lobby for just under $7.

Fancy Donut Hack Using Store Bought Glaze Donuts

Mix and match the sprinkles, or dedicate one sprinkle to each donut.  It’s your choice, and either way it’ll be beautiful!  Once you are done, display them in a container or lay them out for easier access for your guests to choose from.

Fancy Donut Hack Using Store Bought Glaze Donuts

I also think this would be a fun party activity for you and your guests to complete together.  Each person gets their own donut to decorate.  I know I’d enjoy the activity, and I really hope you and your guest will too!

Fancy Donut Hack Using Store Bought Glaze Donuts

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Glam Donut Hack Using Store Bought Glaze Donuts

Shop the post!

This post contains affiliate links.  If you were to make a purchase based on my link/suggestion, will receive compensation.  All opinions are my own, and as always, I share only my most favorite things with y’all.  Thank you for supporting! 

Now head on over to the other participants blogs to see what they have come up with!  Thanks for stopping by!


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Thrifted Brass Bowl Styled Five Ways

When Kendra of asked me to be a part of a thrift store item themed blog hop that she was hosting, I was flattered first off, but then fear set in.  Most of these hops consist of extremely crafty and talented ladies who have the ability to transform an unwanted and discarded thrift item into something new and amazing.  You’ll see that the ladies in the links below have done just that.  I just don’t know that I’m that much of a visionary honestly, but when Kendra suggested that I style a thrifted item I was on board with the idea immediately!

Thrifted Brass Bowl Styled Five Ways

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I happened upon this cute little brass bowl during one of my Salvation Army trips.  Some of you might know this already, but I love anything and everything brass, so I scooped it up and put it in my basket before it was snatched up by any other brass loving crazy ladies such as myself.  I ended up bringing it home and letting it sit in a pile amongst a few other items I purchased that day.  It wasn’t until today that I had the idea to try and style it in five different ways around the house.  I was surprised to find that it is quite the versatile pieces! Here’s what I came up with!

Nature Meets Glam

Thrifted Brass Bowl Styled on Side Table

Styling brass with natural elements is one of my favorite things to do!

Girl on the Go

Thrifted Bras Bowl Styled as Beauty Product Holder

We all have those sample sizes lying around, right?  Why not set a few out plus your favorite go-to pieces in a cute little bowl for easy access!

A Pop of Color

Thrifted Brass Bowl Styled on Coastal Side Table

I love neutrals as much as the next person.  Actually, maybe a bit more, but I always need a pop of color in my design.  Pop a colorful flower into the bowl and enjoy!

Business Woman With a Twist 

Thrifted Brass Bowl as Business Card Holder

Display your business cards in a unique way!


Thrifted Brass Bowl as Votive Base

Layering items is becoming a favorite styling trick of mine.  Try it and see what you think!

So next time you are looking for that missing piece of decor, try your local thrift store for options.  With inventory changing almost daily you will have a wonderful time hunting for it!

Thanks for stopping by friends!


Thrift Store Styling Brass Bowl

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