Time To Get Tropical with Wayfair.com!

Time to get tropical with Wayfair

Let’s Throw a Tiki Party! 

Y’all know I love to plan a good party, which is exactly why I am so excited about this post!  When Wayfair contacted me about the opportunity to put together a mood board of my favorite “tiki party” themed items in their inventory, I was immediately up for the challenge!

Drink/Serving Station

The first thing that came to mind was the tiki bar, of course!  Wayfair.com offers a variety of choices that span the budget when it comes to tiki bars.  This one just happened to be my favorite of the bunch!  Making drinks for your guests behind this piece will surely make it more fun, and create the right ambiance for the party too.  Speaking of drinks, you can’t forget to pick up a margarita machine, and margarita glasses to serve that delicious drink to your guests in.  Top your drinks off with colorful drink umbrellas for the full tropical effect!  Be sure to pick up a few more tropical themed serving items to complete the look.  The serving tray above, and palm tree tumblers (for those non-alcoholic beverage drinkers, like me) are great options.

Sitting Area

When setting up your furniture, be sure to create a sitting area for guests to enjoy.  Throw in a hammock too, because who doesn’t love a hammock, right?  To give your party a real tropical feel, decorate the party area with tropical plants (real or faux), colorful pillows, and fun decor pieces, such as a tiki god statue, or pelican display.  To keep the party going on late into the night, you have a number of lighting options available at Wayfair.  String lights are a staple of an outdoor party.  Don’t want to mess with hanging lights?  You could also spread a few pineapple shaped tiki torches around to illuminate the party area.  A fire pit is great for lighting up the area, and providing warmth, though it wouldn’t do well as the only form of lighting in a larger party setting.

I can just see this space come together in my mind, and it’s magical!  I hope you gave gotten some great tips from this post, and of course, if you happen to order from Wayfair.com, I know you’ll enjoy your pieces!

Have you thrown a tropical themed party before?  Do you have any great suggestions to add to the list?  Share them with me in the comments below!

Until next time friends!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale-My Favorites

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale IrisNacole.com Favorites

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is now open to the public!

This post contains affiliate links.  If you were to make a purchase based on my link/suggestion, IrisNacole.com will receive compensation.  All opinions are my own, and as always, I share only my most favorite things with y’all.  Thank you for supporting IrisNacole.com! 










So I went a little crazy browsing the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale over the last few days during the pre-sale.  I’m telling you, I’ve had the hardest time narrowing my likes down to just these, which you can see is still a lot, but I just couldn’t not share them all with y’all today.  Since inventory is moving quickly, especially since the sale is open to the public today, I wanted to make sure and reach out ASAP!  I know I most post about home decor and crafts, but some of you that have followed me for a while know my passion for fashion too.  It’ll be sneaking its way into the blog here and there, and hopefully y’all like what y’all see, but of course, I couldn’t resist adding my favorite home decor pics to the board!

I have always gravitated towards comfort clothing.  Now that I’m a mom, it’s especially crucial that I can run around after my son, and still feel good in my clothing with doing it.  That means over comfortable coats, over-sized sweaters, layering sweaters and cardigans, longer cut shirts, and blouses that hang instead of clinging to me.  Jeans in all colors, though I prefer the good ole blue jean myself, shoes that are easy to slide on and off and run around in, and accessories that will manage to ride the ride of motherhood without being lost, as so many of my past pieces have been.  RIP my loves!  Hopefully someone found you and is enjoying you today!

I managed to snag a few of these items for myself last night just before the sale went live, and I’m pretty happy about that!  I narrowed it down to just four pieces out of all of these, and though I wish I could have purchased every last piece that would have just been too crazy, and well,  we have renovations going on here dang it, and I need marble countertops!  Haha!

Have you been shopping the sale too?  What did you get?  What are your favorites?  Share with me in the comments!

Happy shopping!


Christmas In July-A Tour of Inspiration


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..in July! Sure we are five months out from the real season, but just think, soon the leaves will start to turn, the cool winds will gust, and we will be on our way to winter before we know it!  That’s why my friends and I are sharing a little bit of Christmas inspiration with y’all now, to help you prepare!  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to link over to the other blogger’s posts.  Special thanks to Monica of MonicaWantsIt.com for organizing this wonderful tour!

For my part, I thought it would be fun to share a few tips that I’ve picked up over the years in hopes of helping you get one step ahead of the game this year and enjoy the holiday’s instead of stressing about it.

Start a Family Tradition

It’s funny how the traditions in my house have come to be.  Almost all of them started after I became a mother, and we settled down in our home.  A couple of years back I started decorating the upstairs and downstairs differently for Christmas.  The downstairs belongs to me and wild imagination, while the upstairs is all about my son.  Okay, all about my son with some of my wild imagination thrown in.  He’s only three!  He’ll be giving me his opinions soon enough though, and I honestly can’t wait to hear it.  That boy has style, and already understands the concept of decorating a home.  I might have a business partner in him in the future!

Upstairs Christmas 2015-A Kid-Friendly Rustic Christmas

Christmas-Holiday Home Tour

Christmas-Holiday Home Tour

Downstairs 2015-A Winter Wonderland

Christmas Home Tour-Around the Watts House

Christmas Home Tour-Around the Watts House


Play Christmas Games with Family & Friends

Sadly sometimes Christmas becomes such a stressful time.  To keep the atmosphere light in your household/workplace play a game!  Our family favorite is The Elf on The Shelf.  It’s a fun-filled game for children and adults.  I promise, even in our thirties my husband and I get a kick out of this game each day. We named our little guy  Fezziwig, “Fez” for short.  He gets into all sorts of predicaments during the holidays, and each day when we wake up we can’t wait to see what he’s been up to during the night.  Here are just a few pictures from his visit this last Christmas, and here’s a link to more info on the game.

Fez wasn't up to much today. He just hung about on the garland watching me blow my nose about a thousand times while my son ran about the room screaming and laughing at unknown decibels. Of course maybe it was just that my head was throbbing and any sound seemed louder than normal. Either way it was like being in a tunnel with a train going through it while blowing it's whistle, alllll day long! I can't wait to feel better! #rordanselffezziwig #elf #elfontheshelf2015 #christmasfun #dayeight #christmas

Follow me on Instagram here, and see all of Fez’s escapades here!

Did you notice that Fez went missing over the weekend? Well when we woke up this morning we figured out what happened. He was abducted by aliens from the planet Toyland! Luckily he got away, and it looks like he brought back one of his captors with him. He's trying to figure out why and what happened to him since he says he doesn't recall what went on. All he remembers is monkeying around near the fireplace last week, and then seeing a bright light. It's all gone from there. So now you know..."they" are real! Eek! #rordanselffezziwig #elfontheshelf2015 #elf #elfontheshelfideas #christmas @daytwelvethroughfourteen

Shop at “Off-Price” Retail Chains Such as TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Marshall’s for Supplies

As if Christmas doesn’t already costs enough, decor and gift wrapping supplies can end up taking up a good portion of your budget.  Avoid breaking the bank by shopping at “off-price” retail chains.  I do this every year, and I can tell you, you will find high quality Christmas supplies and decor sometimes at more than half the original price!  I’ve found so many beautiful pieces myself.  Oh, and one more tip!  Be sure to check in with the stores during their end of season sales.  You can really save some cash during that time!


Christmas Home Tour-Around the Watts House

Rustic Christmas Wrapping

Make Your Own Decorations/Holiday Inspired Items

It’s not only pretty simple to do, but it’s fun too, which is why each year I try to come up with at least a couple of things to do for the season.  Here’s a couple of examples from this past Christmas.

DIY Holiday-Christmas-Ornament-Winter Scene-Bottle Brush Tree
Winter Scene DIY Ornament


Holiday Tote Bag Tutorial-Cutting Edge Stencils
Holiday Tote Bag

Personalize Your Christmas Cards

Send your family and friends a personalized Christmas card!  We’ve been doing this since our son was born.  He took some of the cutest newborn pictures, and when we got the proofs we knew we’d be using the one you see below as a Christmas card.  He’s was the perfect little reindeer!  We love ordering through Tiny Prints, because of their discounted prices, and quality of product.  We haven’t been disappointed yet!



Hopefully when you follow these tips you’ll find that this holiday season is the calmest and most enjoyable yet!  Tell me, what are some of your traditions and holiday tips?  I’d love to hear them!


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Garden Tour: Patio Makeover

Garden Party Tours

Outdoor Patio Makeover

This post contains affiliate links.  If you were to make a purchase based on my link/suggestion, IrisNacole.com will receive compensation.  All opinions are my own, and as always, I share only my most favorite things with y’all.  Thank you for supporting IrisNacole.com! 

Outdoor Patio Plants

Outdoor Sitting Area

Decorating with Plants Outdoor Patio

Outdoor Pea Gravel Patio

Outdoor Pea Gravel Patio

Outdoor Entertaining and Dining

World Market Potting Bench on Patio

Patio Decor

Outdoor Entertaining Tablescape

Outdoor Dining, DIY Table

Roses Outdoor Floral Display Tablescape

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining Table Setting

Tablescape Outdoor Entertaining


Hey there friends!  I’m so excited to share our patio makeover with y’all today, as part of the Garden Tour Summer Party hosted by Ursula of Home Made by Carmona!  If you are just joining us today via the tour, welcome!  I’m Iris, an aspiring Interior Designer/Stylist, slowly making over my home one space at a time, crafting, and much more, all while doing my very best to be a good wife and mother along the way, and sharing it with y’all as I go.  I love that y’all are able to join us today for the reveal of our patio makeover!  It has been a long-time coming, and now that it’s about 90% done I couldn’t be happier to share it all with y’all!

My goal since building this house was to have an amazing outdoor space to enjoy with the family.  We made sure we had enough yard space for recreational activities, but didn’t consider the amount of space we’d need once our family grew to enjoy the outdoors, entertain, and relax.  Our covered patio is actually quite large, and had we not chosen to take the funds for outdoor amenities (built-in kitchen, mounted tv, fireplace) offered by the builder, and used them indoors, this space would have already started off as a dream patio, but that wasn’t what happened, and we were left with a blank slate to work with.

After a few trial setups over the years my vision to expand the patio to allow for more space has finally taken on life in the form of a pea gravel patio.  It was a lot of work, which I hope to share with y’all in an upcoming post, but it was worth it for both my husband and I to put in the manual labor to create this space of ours on a budget.  Once the space was ready for decorating I put myself into overdrive to get it all prepared to share with y’all for this tour.

Since I had decided to leave the patio as our dining space only, I wanted to make this new spot as cozy and comfortable as possible for us to use year-round.  We took our existing patio furniture and spruced it up with some new pillows and a couple of poufs for lounging.  A large umbrella covers part of the space to block us from the horrid Texas sun, and a new fire pit was placed smack dab in the center for us to enjoy once the sun goes down.  Honestly I can’t wait for Fall/Winter to arrive.  I’m going to enjoy this this to its fullest potential.  I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted a fire pit, and the fact that we found it on sale made it even more exciting for my deal loving heart, since it’s the model I had hoped to get but just couldn’t justify paying for.

I’ve never felt like a space was complete without some sort of plant/floral addition so we made a quick trip to Lowe’s to buy some new beauties for this area.  That did the trick, and the place came to life!  I’m still contemplating adding some window boxes too, thought that’ll have to wait for now.  It’ll be even nicer when it’s done though!  The next step for this space is to add a couple of posts to string our outdoor lights from.  I’ve always loved the ambiance they create, and of course want that for my own home.

Moving on to the covered porch area.  As I mentioned above, I decided it would be nice to make this space primarily our outdoor dining space, and it’s slowing coming together.  We built our large outdoor table a few months back using plans we found on Pinterest, and while it was a stinker to build, it was fun getting to work with my husband on another project.  After photographing the space for this post I am thinking about painting it white.  It seems like a lot of wood tones going on in once space, with my DIY Cedar Shutters, the potting table, table, and bar cart all being in the same color family.  Not to mention that the entire porch is cedar beams and planks.  It’s all just too much for my taste, and I think having a white table will help break it up a bit.  Going forward, I hope to tackle a DIY  built-in kitchen space, paint the door a new color, add a privacy screen, and maybe some shades to block the sun during the evening hours, when we use this space the most, but until I find the time to all of that, I’m happy with what we have accomplished and plan to use it regularly.  Especially for parties!

Speaking of, I threw together a little party tablescape for the reveal today.  I wanted it to feel causal and elegant, so I mixed together plastic plates, made to look like paper plates, galvanized chargers, some floral napkins and glass bowls.  Oh, and I can’t forget my adorable pineapple cups!  I pretty much squealed when I found them!   To top it all off I used an metallic outdoor decorative shell as the bed for my floral display of roses and greenery.  I just love how it turned out!  Oh, and having the bar cart out here is going to be a dream!  It was the perfect spot to hold drinks, utensils, and our ice bucket, and I’m sure I can pile a lot more onto it the next time we have a party too!

My family and I had so much fun coming together and bringing this space to life.  For the first time in forever (Frozen?) we’ve actually sat outside at night and enjoyed the view of the moon and stars while listening to the flickering of the fire in the fire pit.  It’s heavenly!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the new space, and hopefully are taking away some ideas for your own!  Enjoy the rest of the gorgeous spaces on the Garden Tour!!