Create and Share Rope Challenge: A Bohemian Wall Hanging


I’m joining up with my friends in the Create & Share challenge this month, to see what we can all come up with when using rope.  The vast amount of projects you’re going to see from us will be exciting, and I hope you visit each and every blog to see just how we each came up with our projects!  Just scroll to the bottom of the post for links! 🙂

I’ve been on a bit of a boho kick as of late, and I’ve been eyeing some really beautiful wall hangings for sell online.  Instead of spending my money on those though, I decided to attempt my own, and I think it came out pretty nice!

Here’s how you can make one for yourself.

supplies-to make-boho-wall-hanging-diy-irisnacole-com-2

Supplies:Twine, Wooden Beads, Crystal Beads, Metal Ring

Directions:Start by preparing your strings of twine.  Decide on your desired length of twine, and double that to accommodate the looping method below.

  • Fold twine in half, holding it above the metal hoop.
  • Wrap the lower half of twine around the metal hoop, and feed it through the opening.
  • Pull twine through the opening until tight, and repeat until the bottom half of the hoop is covered.

It should look like this once you are done.


If you feel that your twine is too long, cut it to the desired length.  I did this by cutting at a diagonal towards the center to create a shorter look than I had originally intended to have.  Remember, it’s your project, so have fun with it!


Next, string your wooden beads onto a separate piece of twine.  Leave about five inches of twine on each side of your beads, and tie each end to opposite sides of the hoop.  Do not cut the excess twine just yet.


Now repeat the process with your crystal beads.

Once you have secured both strings to the hoop wrap your excess twine around the hoop located between the two beaded string.  Secure with a knot, and trim excess twine on the side you wrapped the twine.  Leave the excess to hang with the twine below.  Cut to length.


Pretty, right?


I have mine hanging in my living room now.  It fits in perfectly!  I hope you enjoy this project, and remember, if you don’t get it right the first time, try again.  It took me THREE attempts to get mine to look this way!


Until next time!


Not very crafty, but love the look?  Here are a few of my favorite wall hangings that you can buy today!

This post contains affiliate links.  If you were to make a purchase based on my link/suggestion, will receive compensation at no cost to you.  All opinions are my own, and as always, I share only my most favorite things with y’all.  Thank you for supporting! 


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Fall Home Tour 2016

irisnacole-com-fall-home-tourI wait for it each year.  That feeling I get as summer is on its way out and fall is slowly creeping into our lives.  It’s not a matter of a cool breeze blowing in, or anything like that really, it’s just this feeling I get, and I finally got it a couple of weeks ago and I’m so excited about it!

Despite my being in tune with the season change, around here in Texas it’s still blazing hot, and the only sign of fall is in the stores.  I’m waiting for that cool breeze to come so I can finally enjoy going outdoors again.  You might know, I hate being outside during the summer, unless I’m around a body of water that is.  I just don’t fair well in the heat, which is why I plan to take full advantage of our fire pit and our newly made over backyard once it starts to cool down.

Until then, you and I can enjoy my fall decor on my porch, and inside the house via this home tour.  Before we start, I’d like to thank Meg, of Green With Decor, for hosting this tour.  I have visited all of the homes so far, and I can say, with all of the different styles being shown, I think there is something for everyone.  Be sure to check the bottom of the page for links to all of the tours!

Let’s start out on the porch shall we?  Normally I go all out, buying a ton of pumpkins, decorating with hay, and all sorts of farm-like decor.  This year, I wanted the outside to reflect as closely as it could to the inside, which is why I chose a basic wreath, plants with fall colored leaves, and mums in terracotta pots.

My ultimate decorating goal this season is that you will see my home without too much going on in it.  I must have overdone it last year from season to season, because simple is all I seem to desire these days.  Just my home, as I like it, but with touches of the season sprinkled throughout.



Let’s move on inside the house now.  Our entryway has gone through a small makeover in the last few months.  Some of you may remember the changes from my summer home tour, but if you missed it you’ll see that I moved my large foyer table out, and moved this little beauty in.  Hands down, it is one of my favorite furniture finds, and decorating it has been so enjoyable in comparison to the larger table.


I love collecting crystals, so when I ran across these two they were immediately added to the ever growing collection.  I read today that crystals should be put away with your summer decor, but I have to argue against that point. I mean, when has a crystal belonged only to one season?  Anyhow, I won’t be following that advice, and I urge you to also go against the grain if you really love something, especially if it involves your home.  Make yourself and your family happy, and don’t worry about what’s “in” and “out”.  Rant over now.  Let’s talk about those beautiful bleached peacock feathers!  You can imagine my surprise when I saw them in my local craft store on sale for less than 40 cents each.  Let’s just say I didn’t argue with the price, and depleted their inventory pretty quickly.  Haha!


The rest of the space is pretty simple.  I added this adorable metal wreath to my niche, and added a faux fur pillow to the bench to make it a bit more cozy.  I also added a new runner to the space, which has been such a nice change.




Let’s move on into the living room.  I had this image of a moody space, with dark pillows and floral accents. Lots of brass too.  For one reason or another I just couldn’t make it come to life this season, and I’m not all that bothered by it.  I guess I wasn’t all that into the idea anyways, because instead of dark and moody I gravitated towards feathers, macrame, bold pops of color, and a light and bright pallet.  Isn’t it funny how that works?



I managed to get the look by using a mix of old, new, and thrifted decor.  I’d like to say it’s a bit eclectic, which is where I feel like my decor compass is pointing right now.





Notice my “Inspired By DIY” art up on the wall?  It worked out perfectly that I managed to get the second one finished just in time for me to photograph the tour.





And finally, our family room.  We spend a lot of family time in this space, so it has to be comfortable for us.  We recently made some necessary changes to the space that I love.  For one, we got rid of our large coffee table, which had no business being in a space where a child like mine runs around and around and around, non-stop in the evenings.  The smaller round table makes for a much easier obstacle, though I’m not 100% sure that we’ll be keeping it, since it came damaged.  We will see!  We also moved our larger chairs out, and replaced them with these rattan armchairs, which I’m in love with!  To make the space cozier, I added faux sheep skins to the chairs, and we added a gorgeous rug layered onto our jute rug.  I switched up the decor on the shelves with some existing pieces to freshen up the space as well.




The neutral, leather, sweater, and faux suede/fur pillows are so comfortable.  Granted we kick most of them off the couch before we sit down, but the ones that remain are cushy and enjoyable to sit with.



Oh and you’ll see that I purchased a desk for this space too.  Before we had a bench that didn’t get much use, but this desk has proven to be useful in blogging.  I can sit here and type away, or complete a craft project while the rest of the family is in here, instead of holing myself up in my office.  It’s so nice!



That’s all I’ve gotten around to decorating for this tour.  Our kitchen will be painted in the coming week, and our dining room should be finished in the month, so hopefully I’ll have those spaces to share with you all around Halloween.  Oh yeah, didn’t you know?  I am a Halloween decorating freak!  I’ll be “spookifying’ our home very soon to prepare, and I can’t wait to share it with y’all!  Stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting!



Like the look? Shop it here! (If you have any questions about a particular items, please ask me about it in the comments.)

This post contains affiliate links.  If you were to make a purchase based on my link/suggestion, will receive compensation at no cost to you.  All opinions are my own, and as always, I share only my most favorite things with y’all.  Thank you for supporting! 


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Inspired By DIY (West Elm) Bohemian Feather Art

I often find that recreating something from scratch leaves you just as satisfied as purchasing the made for retail product, if not more so.  It’s the, “I can do that!” mentality that drives me to participate in this wonderful “Inspired By DIY” series, hosted by my friend Jess of Domicile 37, month after month.  Okay, honestly last month got the best of me, but I am back with this month’s theme challenge: West Elm!

Of course you all know by now that it’s one of my favorite stores, so I had already come across something being offered on their website that I truly wanted to recreate for myself.  This feather art is amazing, but at those prices, and being armed with the knowledge that I can most certainly do that myself, and having this challenge ahead, I knew it would be my next project.  It was fun to put together, and of course the hunt for materials is always thrilling, especially when it involves thrifting!

I set out to my local Goodwill last week, knowing that it has a great selection of frames on most days, and with hopes that I would find the “right one” for this project.  Lucky me, I ran across not one, but two of these beauties being used in a similar fashion; displaying a homemade piece of art.  I had both of them in my basket ASAP.  Lucky too, since a lady immediately asked me what I planned on doing with them.  She was sweet about it, but I wonder if maybe she would have wanted them for herself since she was also planning on framing some new projects of her own.

Since I couldn’t find anymore frames in the same size I decided to visit the Dollar Tree to see if I would have any luck finding some for the second piece of glass needed to complete the project.  They had ONE, so off I went with that one to create what you see here.  I’m still on the hunt for another one so I can complete the second piece I had planned on making.


I love it, do you?  I hope so, and here’s how you can make some of your own!


This post contains affiliate links.  If you were to make a purchase based on my link/suggestion, will receive compensation at no cost to you.  All opinions are my own, and as always, I share only my most favorite things with y’all.  Thank you for supporting! 


Frames-Brass Frame (thrifted for $1) Black Frame (Dollar Tree)  You will need this second frame for the glass, to use as your back pane of glass to complete this project. *Always use caution when handling glass.

Feathers Jo-Ann Fabric

Liquid Gold-Hobby Lobby


Paint Brush

Scissors (Optional, depending on your feather choice.)


Remove the hanging loops from the bottom of the feather. (Optional)


Paint onto feather using Liquid Gold.  Here I painted the quill and the stem of each feather.


Let them dry.


Decide on desired arrangement and glue feathers down on to the back pane of glass.  Have fun!  You can come up with so many different options!  Once dry place the top pane of glass onto the front of the feathers.  Secure glass inside your frame.


Display your new art in your stylish room and enjoy!


I know crafting isn’t for everyone that visits Iris Nacole, so for those of you lovelies that don’t care to craft, but have great style, here are some West Elm options I know you will love!

Be sure to stop by my fellow Inspired By DIY contestant’s blogs to see what they came up with too!  Oh, and stay tuned for my early fall home tour coming to the blog this week!  I’m excited about it, and hope you are too!

Until then,



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My Home Style Blog Hop: Before & After Edition

I’m excited to be back to blogging today, especially since my friend Stephanie of Casa Watkins Living has invited us back this year to share our home styles with y’all!  Last year I participated in two different “My Home Style” blog hops.  One being done about this time, and another around the holidays.  Be sure to check those out, as well as start over at Steph’s blog to see her personal style, and get links to all of the participant’s posts.

So how would I describe my home style?  Last year I came up with three words that described it best.  Coastal, Classic, Elegance.  No matter the season, my coastal style is prominent, and I try and make it blend with the holiday decor I put out.  It’s a lot easier than you’d think, but even more so if you aren’t one of us that decorates for each season, but finds what you like and sticks with it.  I admire you if you are one of those people.  My life would be so much calmer if I were too, but alas I am not, and I crave change almost quicker than the seasons can change themselves.  I guess that’s what drew me to blogging, so I could share that with y’all!

Since this is actually a “Before & After” edition of the “My Home Style” series, I had better share a quick look at where we started.  Mind you, this is only the living room, but take into consideration that what you are about to see is my best effort at the time, and every other space in my home was either empty, or sadly, decorated even worse.  Here we go!



Yikes, that was bad!  What a cave!  Still it contained a lot of valuable pieces, such as the art on the walls, and family heirlooms displayed on the mantel.  I thought it was good back then, but once the decorating bug bit, it didn’t stand a chance.


Much better!  So much more in line with my overall vision for this space.  So let’s talk a little about what I did to get here.  First off, my overall design was based on the coastal style.  What does that mean to me?  Well, it means I wanted a light and airy ambiance.  I don’t live anywhere near the coast, but I can dream and pretend I do with my decor choices.  I achieved the look by painting the walls a neutral color (Behr Perfect Taupe mixed at 50%) that offsets the white fireplace and built-in just enough, but still keeps the space bright.  I brought in light furniture upholstered with linen fabric.  To create the easy going atmosphere I hoped for, I chose slip-covered furniture which you see a lot in coastal homes.  I didn’t want it all to be one note so I added a bit of pattern to the space with the fabric choice in the club chairs.  Natural weave baskets, and of course some distressed wood go a long way in many styles, especially the coastal style, so you will see those here as well.  All of these pieces are very classic pieces too, since they can easily be decorated around in many styles.  Of course, personally I couldn’t forget my coastal inspired decor which consists of a lot of glass pieces in varying shades of blue, white, and clear (think ocean).  I also added some shells, coral pieces, and some sea-fans to the mix.  My favorite piece though is this gorgeous capiz chandelier I found to anchor the room, which it does in a magnificent way.

Anyone that’s ever had a decorating conversation with me will know that I can’t seem to escape that touch of elegance no matter what I am doing.  Even when I’m trying to grunge it up I just can’t get away from it!  I don’t know, I guess I am elegant?  Haha!  Okay, if you know me in person, I am far from it, but I must have been some sort of Lady in another life.  One that likes the finer things in life and got them easily.  In this life though, I look for bargains to get the look.  Seriously, I’m always on the hunt.  I shop online, in stores, thrift stores, etc.  The silver legged marble side table is one of my favorite examples in this space.  I found that on sale at TJ Maxx, for about $100.  Um, yes please!  You could also consider the style of pillows I chose, lamps, honestly all of these accessories tend to be on the dainty side, except for a few, and when I think “dainty”, I think “elegant”.  Of course, that’s not always the case in decor, but it is here.

I thought sharing a few pictures of how I decorated for summer would give you a better look into this style of mine.  I’ve also compiled a list of items that I’ve found for sell to help you achieve the look too.  Just click the image to take you to the site to get more info on the item.  I hope they help!


This post contains affiliate links.  If you were to make a purchase based on my link/suggestion, will receive compensation.  All opinions are my own, and as always, I share only my most favorite things with y’all.  Thank you for supporting! 

Now hop on over to see how my fellow blogging buddies describe their home style!  Enjoy!  Oh, and be sure to check back in with us to see the many updates to our home we’ve been working on over the past year.  It’s all about to done and to say we are excited is an understatement.  I’ll be sharing those and of course our new fall decor with y’all very soon!


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