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Spring is on its way folks!  I know most of you have seen me lamenting about it this past week, and it’s kind of funny that I love Winter so much, but really can’t wait for Spring.  I’m fickle about whether I guess.  Haha!  I thought since I had such a nice response about my Valentine’s Day wreath, on Instagram, that I would share how to make a wreath for Easter with you all.  You see, wreath making just might be the thing I’m best at, and I find it to be a quick, easy, and fulfilling craft.  I’ve been making them for years now, and I don’t see an end in sight. While I was out and about the last couple of weeks, I ran across some cute supplies.  I found a vine of flowers, a burlap bunny, a patch of green grass, and adorable colored eggs, at Hobby Lobby.  I purchased a couple of wreaths from Target’s dollar spot, knowing I would use them for upcoming projects, so I had that on hand already.  Browsing the dollar spot yesterday, yep I was back again, I ran across the cutest burlap flowers on tiny clothes pins.  When I saw them I knew they would work with the rest of the supplies I had at home, so I snatched up three sets, not knowing how many I might need in the end. Most of the time, I don’t set out with any particular idea in mind when I’m making my own wreath.  I find that as I come across supplies, they just sort of speak to me, and I know I can do something with them together.  Even as I was creating this wreath it morphed from the original layout I came up with to what it is now.  That’s the best part about creating something.  You can make it to your likes, and don’t have to settle! I thought it might be easier to follow along in pictures, and maybe a little instruction, but honestly, I don’t do anything special.  I just glue the pieces as I go along, and well, if a happy little mistake happens, you can always “fix” it, and honestly, since it’s one of a kind, who will know?!

Supplies List

Vine Wreath (Target Dollar Spot)

Vine of Flowers (Hobby Lobby)

Grass (Hobby Lobby)

Bunny (Hobby Lobby)

Eggs (Hobby Lobby)

Burlap Flowers (Target Dollar Spot)

Adhesive (I used a glue gun for this project.)

Steps 1-5

1: Figure out how much of the vine you want showing, and then cut down your flowers to fit.  I used three twigs off the vine of flowers, so I have a ton left over for other projects.

2: Add the grass.  The grass that I purchased came in a small patch, so I was able to pull a few sets off and attach them with glue.

3: Add the bunny!  Just glue it wherever you’d like.  I preferred mine to sit in the grass.

4: Add the eggs.  You can choose to use more or less than I did of course.  I found that I wanted more than I had planned and ended up with five. (Tip: Find the layout and direction of each egg before you add the glue.  This will help you avoid seeing clumps of glue if you changed your mind.)

5: Attach the burlap flowers.  I just clipped them on instead of gluing, but you can always glue them if you’d like.

And that’s it!  I absolutely love the outcome of my wreath, and I really hope you do too.  Please let me know if you attempt to make your own based on this tutorial.  I’d love to see your work!

Have a wonderful day, friends!


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