Create & Share: GraphicStock (Valentine’s Day Pillow Tutorial)

Create & Share: Graphic Stock (Valentine's Day Pillow Tutorial)

“ has been compensated by GraphicStock, in the form of a free subscription.  All opinions are my own, and I will always be truthful when reviewing products/services.  Please visit my disclosure page for more information.”

Hi again!  It’s time again for another fun Create & Share Challenge!   Today I’m sharing a really fun pillowcase tutorial using an image from GraphicStock.  If you aren’t familiar with GraphicStock let me fill you in.  GraphicStock is a subscription based database of graphics, ready for download at a moments notice and in various formats.  I’ve been a member for about a month now, and oh man have I found a ton of images that I love and can’t wait to use!  I’m pretty positive they have something for everyone.  As a crafter, the ability to find an image for any project my brain might come up with as easily as it is to do with GraphicStock really makes the process of completing projects super easy.  As someone that likes to DIY home decor, the amount of images that could be printed and framed surpasses my expectations, and of course as a blogger, having a database full of images relating to a number of topics, that I can use for my posts , is exciting!  So lucky for you, whatever category you might fit, even some I didn’t mention, GraphicStock has been kind enough to provide you all with a seven day free trial so that you too can complete this project if you’d like!  Just click the link below to start!

GraphicStock-7 Day Free Trial!


Find the image I chose to use for this project, here.

Graphic Stock Image Edit Background

Once your image has been downloaded from GraphicStock, load your image to Photoshop (Photoshop Elements).  Use the magic eraser tool (See left tool bar-Eraser Image (Drop down to “Magic Eraser”) to remove the white background.  Drag the eraser to the white part of the image and click.  The background will then become transparent.  If you see other white spots in the image that you’d like to remove repeat the process until you are satisfied.


Now you are ready to print!

Graphic Stock Pillow Tutorial Supplies


(Light) Image Transfer Paper

Canvas pillow cover

Iron (Do NOT use the steam setting for this project.)

Graphic Stock Valentine's Day Pillow Tutorial


**Tip: Make sure your iron is extremely hot, and that your pillow cover has been ironed to allow for a nice flat surface.**

Once your image has been printed onto the transfer paper, line your image up onto your pillow cover. It is recommended to cut your image out before starting this process to create a smaller image transfer paper and avoid extra transfer paper from being transferred onto your surface.  I always forget this step, and regret it.  Haha! When you are satisfied with the placement of the image, take your iron and iron over the image paper. Be sure to press down with a good amount of pressure, and to iron the entire image in order to ensure that your image is transferred over correctly.  Once you have ironed on your image to your pillow cover, turn your iron off, and let the paper cool.  After a few minutes remove your transfer paper from the canvas pillow cover, lifting from a corner and removing slowly.  In my case the ink didn’t fully transfer, creating a lighter image than I had expected, but as with most things, this ended up being a happy little accident.  I really like the way it looks!

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    This is so beautiful! I love anything watercolour-inspired. My grandfather painted, so I gravitate towards the style. Well done!

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      Oh thank you Kathy! I’m glad you said that! I’ve been trying to make my crafts look more store bought worthy, so that’s a great compliment!

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      Oh good Sarah! I’m glad I was able to help you with your search! They have so many like it too, you could make a gallery wall out of them! 🙂

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      Thank you Tiffany! I’ ready for it too! Good thing Texas always warms up pretty quickly. I bet we will have warmer weather starting in just a few weeks. It’s already getting up to the 70’s here!

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