Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!

Who here likes succulents?  Who likes really easy to do activities to do with their kids?  If you raised your hand both times, well, you are a lot like me.  About a month ago I got it into my head that I wanted to come up with a really fun activity for my son and I to complete together.  Since he’s only three, I didn’t want it to be anything too intensive.  I came up with the idea of creating a succulent garden together.  At that time we had just started shopping around for outdoor items to refresh the back porch with, and of course these adorable little succulents were all over the place, enticing me with their magical powers to buy them and bring them home.  I guess they didn’t know I have a terrible black thumb!  Haha!  Even so, I ended up filling my basket with a variety of succulents, potting soil, and succulent/cactus food. I got the latter in hopes that I would put an end to my black thumb once and for all.

Earlier in the month I had come across a large white flowerpot that I felt like I really needed in my life, so I brought it home without a plan for it.  Well, this succulent garden was the perfect fit for that pot!  My boy and I had such a great time completing this project one afternoon, and I hope this will inspire you to do the same!

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Here’s what you’ll need to do it!

Miracle-Gro Garden Soil (Palm, Cactus & Citrus)

Large Flower Pot

Succulents (Choose a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and try to avoid any with thorns as to make it family friendly.)

Gloves (optional)

Hand Trowel

River Rock (Optional, but recommended to get the desired look.)

Miracle-Gro Plant Food


Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!


I could have done each step on my own, but since this was to be a family activity I decided to let my son take the lead and complete most of the following steps.

First, fill you flower pot with Miracle-Grow Garden Soil.  He was so cute and careful about scooping it out of the bag and getting it into the pot without spilling it.  I was really impressed with him!

Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!

Next play with the arrangement of your succulents while they are still in their pots.


Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!

Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, removed each succulent and plant them into the soil.



Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!

So pretty!  Now, you could stop right here, but if you want to achieve the overall look of a succulent garden you need to go a step further.

Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!

That is to add in your river rocks.

Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!

I chose two different sizes of rocks.  My son sprinkled the smaller rocks throughout the pot giving it a good layer to cover the soil.  Next he placed the larger rocks inside the pot to accent the smaller rocks.

Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!

Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!

Now, if you have a black thumb like me you’ll probably be willing to go even a step further to keep these babies alive, and that would be to water them using Miracle-Gro Cactus Plant Food.

Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!-Miracle Grow Plant

Follow the directions on the bottle to feed the plants just the right amount.  I’d suggest not letting your small children handle this part.  This is where I stepped in too.  Once I had mixed the water and plant food together inside a watering can I let my son water under direction.

Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!

That’s all it took, and now we have a beautiful succulent garden to enjoy!  We had so much fun completing this project, and I will say, we’re going on about a month since we completed this little project, and those babies are still alive!  I’m impressed!  Maybe my son isn’t cursed like I am!  Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be the family gardener from now on.  LOL!

Succulent Garden-The Perfect Family Project!

I hope y’all try this yourself, and have just as wonderful a time as we did!  Just remember to be safe about the products used in this activity.  Some can be harmful to children, so complete this project with them at your own discretion.


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